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Gantz,the best and the worst

If I had a tale that I could tell you,I'd tell a tale sure to make you smile.If I had a wish that I could wish for you,I'd make a wish for sunshine all the while.Today we talked about the Gantz manga,time for you to read Gantz online now!!!

is an ongoing action/horror manga that is serialized in Young Jump. It begins with two high schoolers getting hit by a subway train . They are then transported to a room with a black ball in it. In the ball is Gantz, who tells them that their lives have ended and basically if they want a second chance they have to go on missions to kill aliens. By killing the aliens, you gain points, and at 100 points you can earn your freedom...

I agree the anime has nothing on the manga. I understand them having to tone down the violence, but hell how could they jump from them meeting the little alien to them all getting killed by the big alien in a matter of seconds. That was like 5 chapters in 5 seconds. I hope the region 2's are unedited because I seen more violence in the trailer they had on the website when they were promoting it. The story makes no sense in terms of continuity as they jump from scene to scene.

Sometimes GANTZ makes a mistake by teleporting someone who's not dead to the apartment... As a result it creates a copy of the person (the copy is the one GANTZ has control over while the real one stays alive)... Kato and Kurono did die and their real bodies were cut up so they don't have their real selves running around.

Nishi early on tells Kei not to tell anyone about what happened or his head will explode. While I think he is kidding I guess he could be telling the truth since there is that chip in there brains that could make their heads explode, not to mention what happens when they go out of bounds. So do we ever find out if Nishi was telling the truth that talking about Gantz to outsiders makes someone blow up?

I wouldn't be all that surprised if we see her again later actually. Not the original though, but the Gantz player. Kei strikes me as the type now who might try and do a deal with Gantz once he reaches 100 points. Rather than take his freedom, he may try to bargain with Gantz for the lives of some of the fallen. Assuming Gantz retains the data he used from the cloning and teleportations, I don't think Gantz is all that likely to say no. Afterall, having Kei and the others start over again from 0 points is a pretty good deal for him. Kei seems to be the best Gantzer since Izumi.

Keep in mind that we as readers still don't know what the true goal(s) of Gantz. Remember that website that Izumi showed Kei? It mentioned something like "the end of the world" several times. Kei and all the other Gantzers might just no more than puppies dancing on Gantz's (and/or the aliens') hand(s).
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