Fairy Tail!!!

Fairy Tail is trying to tell us: If there is no close relatives of words in the world, then what about the the friends company in the side ? Even though we looking for to the end of the world, but if the attachment can be saveed, the fatigue steps will not stop.

Fairy Tail is just a manga that make you thinking about the life yourself but not the manga itself. This is what I got after read Fairy Tail manga on mangahere. However, when I first saw Fairy Tail chapter 1 I thought this was a manga done by Oda-sensei until I saw the giant letters "Hiro Mashima Returns." Overall, I really like the first chapter, it was very well done even though I couldn't understand a lick of it, it still grabbed my attention, mainly cause he looks like freakin Luffy!!! I couldn't resist!!! I very much enjoyed the 2nd chapter as well! A pretty unusual route to introduce the entire secondary cast so soon isn't it? And a very interesting cast at that, I believe I enjoyed Grey the most, at least from a comical perspective. Though watching this whole world through the eyes of the unsuspecting Lucy is one of the manga's big charms right now.

The people who beared the past but believe in the future will always have a firm light in eyes.The reason that OP and Fairy Tail art style are similar was because. Hiro Mashima and One Piece's Oda both work as assistants under another mangaka, I can't remeber who, but he in turn used to be Akira Toriyama's assistant. Which explains similar styles. And someone already noted that Hiro also helped out Oda with OP back in it's early chapters. But to be fair, both artists come to their own around the sames time as RAVE and OP both serialize around the same time except OP turns out to be a world-wide mega-hit and is breaking records left and right while RAVE is only a very popular series that really didn't make it over beyond Asian boarder.

The people who never make mistakes is not existing in this world, we don't need be shamed, but we can't escape, even it should be the most difficult in the face of the injury for us. Each character in the Fairy Tail has his/her own past, everytime the familiar Scotland bagpipe rings, you can see a look back silence, and courage obsession. What moves us in Fairy Tail? It's their never-giving-up heart, the bond cutted constantly between them, but, what most makes us moved, is just their courage that never try to avoid the pain, grief, embarrassment, and even crime.


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