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I read Air Gear manga online in mangahere for months,I feel it's funny,and looks like a mindless fanservice trip, so those seeking the hardcore stuff like TJTG (I mean the manga, anime kinda sucked), might nicely be disappointed,coz it looks like the character design is actually a bit diverse from the manga version

The definitive discussion of the themes, characters, symbolism in Air Gear also as an analysis of each and every small factor Air Gear is performing appropriate and wrong. This thread is for significant analysis. Fandumb and oneliners are prohibited. I was rocking out with Back-On (I wish) and I began to reflect on the Air Gear universe. Just just before haters try and test know that I'm a large Air Gear fan and I've been Air Trecking (lol) sense this factor initial came to America. Given that I'm a loyal fan that gives me particular privileges. I've been with the manga due to the fact the beginning and what drew me in apart from the art and Babyface was the theme of Air Gear: freedom. Absolute freedom.

A lot of manga deal with the identical tired BS about friendship, bonds, and all that other stuff (feel it). Yeah those are excellent but when you've got titles like Naruto and Bleach running around it becomes cliche (believe it). Air Gear wasn't about that. We had the Unbeatable Babyface Minami Itsuki and although it really is clear he needed help, he didn't shove the power of friendship down our throats. Why? Air Gear wasn't about that. Air Gear is not about that. Air Gear was about freedom.

Air Gear is genuinely a manga that came along and showed us that we're all in our own cages. Possibly that cage is psychological, perhaps it is emotional, possibly it's economical. Whatever it was we were/are all trapped in our cages. A number of of us are birds who cannot fly. Several have forgotten they even have wings. Even though other titles brainwashed their readers into believing that their buddies are just going to open the door for them, Air Gear kept it as actual as a manga could. Nobody can open the cage but you. Nobody can break the chain but you. Why? Due to the reality a bird can only fly utilizing the power of their own wings and nobody else. And yes I'm totally aware that geese fly by creating use of the lift of other geese when they're in formation. Nevertheless, they still want their own wings to do that. Your pals can not flap your wings. Only you will have the ability to.

Air Gear reminded us that often only we can aid ourselves and it showed us that we can all do that. Delinquents, drop-outs, geniuses, average folks, each and every individual has wings and everybody has the power to break out of their cages. That was the theme of Air Gear and Babyface proved that to us everytime he put someome's ass down. Accurate to Trophaeum, Ikki built his victories upon the bones of his enemies and got closer and closer to the sky each time. But somewhere along the way Air Gear lost that focus.

Air Gear utilized to be my number 1 manga and now it truly is barely in my leading five. I still like it and I'm not dissing it. Rather, somewhere along the way Air Gear didn't grow to be a priority read. It happened gradually and I was forced to ask myself why. Recent developments in Air Gear have been battle appropriate following battle proper right after battle proper following battle. And that is all nicely and really good but where will be the substance? To be honest I like Agito/Lind/Akito whatever, and despite the fact that it's critical for us to get his/their backstory that was truly ridiculous. Guy gets like ten chapters and color me prejudice but I would considerably rather that type of attention be showered on my principal man Ikki. Naturally that is just me becoming finicky.


Air Gear ch259!!! 

Air Gear ch259 is what I'm going to talk about in this post, I get Air Gear manga from mangahere, and for me read Air Gear manga online is awesome! First of all, what I want to say is that Air Gear chapter 259 is awesome!!!

I wonder if the regalia is still the same, his 'time' road is after all not the road the regalia was designed for.And 'Uncle Minami' makes his appearance?Seems like that Nike is still in their base. I expected a showdown between Kilik and Sora twins, but well.Kogorasumaru vs Nike+Gravity children!

I basically skimmed the chapters reviewing the gravity children and Sora's turnover, so I don't know the specifics of Simca's situation. Is she being held against her will by Sora and Nike (I don't know because she was able to freely talk to Ikki when they were disqualified from the G.S.T. And if she is, why doesn't Ikki rescue her?), or is she there of her own free will (If she is, then why doesn't she leave, afterall, Sora and Nike are molesting her)?

And what's more? I don't think Ikki is smart enough to realize what would happen to him if he tried to face Nike, and yeah, I also do doubt that he is aware that she's being held hostage. I do hope he can rescue her though. And I think she should be in the same air-craft carrier that Rika is on, since Sora said they left all of Genesis' Gravity Children back there. Nike is also there and I'm positive that he'd take Simca with him. And I do also want to see the Storm Regalia already, and I agree that Ikki needs a full tuning.

Speaking of Sora, I don't think he "turned evil". He was always like that, but was just pretending to be "good" around Rika to trick her and Ikki. And I do also think that he's Rika's child's father. It's kind of obvious.

About the Ringo and Konan thing, if you guys recall, she was previously pissed at him for having kissed her and for telling Ikki bad information about her, but now she finally makes up her mind that she needs him as a Tuner and so decides to get over it.

Air Gear

Air Gear manga is a fun, mindless fanservice trip, so those looking for the hardcore stuff like TJTG (I mean the manga, anime kinda sucked), may be disappointed. Count to ten now, and take it in. This is the life before you know who you’re gonna be/what you're gonging to do. Right? Whatever, I like Air Gear manga for its characters and the somehow realistic but cool style.Yes, in some Air Gear chapter the street fighting or sports genre times were awesome. BUT. It made so little sense that after reading Air Gear manga online up to the latest chapter I stopped read Air Gear manga for months. Perhaps I came back later and since then I use this "stop-thinking" strategy to enjoy it. It works but I think Air Gear will never be my favorite. However, if you want to read Air Gear online, just go mangahere~

It is a lot more light-hearted and fun, but the downside of it is that the plot is really nonexistant and is replaced mostly by shounen posturing and "training-to-get-on-top" kind of storyline. Well, there are mangas that are about violence and that stuff (GANTZ; for example), I think the problem is not the realism, but how Air Gear had a lot of potential, but it turned out to be a stupid plotting super-powerful villain thing?

I enjoyed Air Gear when it was calm and simple and it was my NO.1. But then Obama starts body swapping high school girls, a guy in a wheel chair just jacked a U.S naval vessel, people are getting impaled by helocopter blades (reffering to gorgon). This finished it for me, and it's not just that. Then the plots become way too complicated around half way through.You see I didn't start air gear for that, if it was that way in the begining then i would have dropped it. But he fools people into reading one hundred or more chapter's before he flips the crazy switch. I feel like my time is now wasted.

For me, this series has taken a turn down a path that I hadn't expected. I wasn't a huge fan of AG throwing politics into the mix of the story, and the abilities have gotten a little far fetched. I still enjoy the characters, and their abilities would make for a cool game (preferably an MMO, or other online multiplayer capable game). Just look at it this way, this is an alternate reality where certain scientific principles don't apply, or apply differently than they do in real life. Full Metal Alchemist is another example of an alternate reality that took something that was not practical, alchemy, an unenlightened form of chemistry blended with magic circles and rituals with the object of changing elements into other elements, and turned it into a power capable of doing almost anything.


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